Gratitude: The Secret Attitude of Wealthy People

Gratitude: An Attitude To Attract Wealth.

Gratitude, for wealthy people, is an attitude to attract wealth that has become a law to follow religiously. If you are grateful for life, you will attract more things into your life. This is why the rich have always made gratitude for everything in everything a part of their wealth creation principles. Most times, it is not about the possessions else Mr Job would have committed suicide when he was faced with so much terror. What the rich know and do is always very different from what most people do. Most people don’t know how important it is for them to develop a grateful soul first before anything else. Your attitude towards money is the foundation for wealth creation.

Needless to say that the wrong attitude towards money is the first reason many people run after money and as such work all of their lives as employees or self-employed and still not achieve their financial freedom dream. Ask why broke people are broke, they will have one or more persons to blame for their status. Broke people are never seeing any good around them because they are driven with negative energies that only makes them more broke. Broke people don’t have an attitude to attract wealth until they start doing it intentionally.

Why Gratitude Attract Wealth?

Gratitude is a mental activity like poverty and wealth are both mentally conceptualized before their physical manifestation. You have to be mentally grateful. You don’t know how much gratitude would position you for abundance and positivity in life until you begin to release yourself to a life of gratitude. Gratitude helps you cultivate a genuine appreciation for the things you have possessed and much more the things you are yet to achieve. Gratefulness also shows your faithfulness to your Creator. No mental activity is inseparable from the life you live in. The quality of your inner life is the quality of your outer life. Gratitude is what wealthy people take seriously to develop their attitude to attract wealth.


What To Be Grateful For To Develop Attitude 

  • Be grateful for life.

Health is wealth. It is because you are healthy that you want to be rich. What is more important than wealth is your health. Money may pay for some hospital bills, buy your health insurance but can never determine your living in good health. If only you are healthy then you are wealthy. Living in good health is inseparable from having a huge fortune. Health supersedes wealth yet wealth is much more needed to achieve your dreams.

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Some time ago, I got disturbed by a toothache. It was just a tooth but the entire part of my body was not at peace. I was terribly in pain. I couldn’t be as effective as ever. The event that day taught me so many lessons about raising my health above anything else. Be thankful for your health. If you lose your wealth, you have only lost something but if you lose your health you have lost almost everything. Take care of yourself.

  • Be grateful for the desire to build wealth.

Dreams are not difficult to capture but most people never dream of becoming wealthy. What most people dream of booking is to reach above the highest level of their careers. Then the few people who dreamt about creating wealth have left it to chances. They assume wealth will happen by default – maybe by simply working harder, taking more jobs, getting higher-paid jobs, starting their own enterprise. They soon realized that all they have dreamt of are mere fantasies. 

Your reading this blog post today simply shows how much you are willing to give everything it takes to achieve your wealth creation dreams. While the opportunity to dream is available to everyone, only a few people like you are taking it really seriously. Be grateful for the desire to attract wealth and you will always get closer to achieving it. 

  • Be grateful for the gift of people

The next greatest assets wealthy people cherish so much is people. Their time is the first greatest asset they have while people are the next. There is no better way to repeat the commonly said statement ‘your network determines your net worth’. This is what it simply connotes. People are important to the creation of your wealth. People are more important than money because people make you money. Money is good but having quality people around you is better.

You may not know how important it is for people to be highly rated than money until all you have left is money. Money won’t always save you from shits but people will. Money won’t always buy your next ticket but people. Take people away from you and you will become as empty as an empty barrel. Appreciate people but much more be grateful for the gift of people around you. People make things happen, not money. Money doesn’t go on errands for you, people do. Money doesn’t come to your business, people do. People are worth more than anything else.

  •  Be thankful for what you have

It has been repeatedly mentioned in this blog post that the major attitude you need to build intentionally especially towards creating wealth is a grateful attitude. You must learn to be thankful for what you have because what you have is more than what you don’t have. If there’s anything you don’t have then it’s ingratitude. What you presently have is enough to attract what you don’t have. If all you have is all you have then all you have is enough to get all you don’t have. You just have to shift focus from what you don’t have to what you have to be thankful for what you don’t have.

Everyone has got something others don’t have. You have so much that the people surrounding you are even envying you have. How much you have been able to accumulate is a pointer to how much you can still have but you have to first be thankful. Wealthy people don’t measure their abundance by how much they have acquired what they don’t have but by how much they are thankful for what they have.

 If you choose wealth above poverty then you would not have a choice than to develop an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude helps you develop a positive mentality towards money. It attracts wealth. It also breeds more wealthy people.


Signs You Have A Grateful Attitude To Attract Wealth

  1. You always appreciate little efforts: everyone loves to be appreciated. If your appreciation makes you feel good then it will make others feel good too. Your gratitude to God makes Him feel good about you. Your gratitude to people around you makes them feel secured to do more with you. If you can appreciate what the people around you are doing for you or with you, you can be sure to attract more favours.
  2. You are not a slave to regrets: Regret is one of such negative energies that could mar your dreams. Your progress. If you are not tight by the pain of regrets then you will make progress. Let the past be gone. Stop referring to your past successes or failures. Stop being pessimistic but optimistic. With this attitude, you can go far.   
  3. You are a committed giver: Giving doesn’t make people more in need but rather makes you feel more blessed. Whatever you have the capacity to give you have the ability to produce. Giving committedly is a positive attitude wealthy people are known with. If you know a stingy rich man then he is not secured. He will soon be broke. Giving brings abundance to you. Moreso, the more you can give the more your grateful attitude increases.   
  4. You don’t take the glory belonging to others: No man is more important than others. You may be richer in cash than others but it does not make you greater. Wealthy people see their wealth as a privilege they have that others don’t have. So they don’t take glories that should be given to their workers, subordinates, colleagues. Most times, wealthy people are always behind the scene until there is a need for them to come out open. Instead of taking the glory, the worst that should happen is to share it amongst the team. Above all, the glory of every successful task belongs to God.
  5. You don’t cherish material wealth above mental wealth: People may measure wealth with how much material things you have accumulated but you don’t allow it to get into your head. Mental wealth is much more than material wealth.    

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