Olaotan Jeremiah

Olaotan Jeremiah is a wealth creation advocate and a real estate expert with a global focus. He started his dream of wealth creation advocacy in 2010 when he lost his poor dad and has helped over hundreds of people get started with real estate investment and digital businesses. Having leveraged on the internet to reach out to hundreds of people with his advocacy programmes, he has organised financial intelligence classes to educate young adults about wealth creation purposes, plannings and principles. It's his passion to help many more people get started with their financial dreams using real estate investment, businesses and investments opportunities as instruments for wealth creation. His passion to see young people get rich quickly birthed the blog becomingwealthyblog.com which has loads of information and opportunities for people around the globe. He is the Founding Chief Executive Officer at Shedlad Int'l Limited and Co-founder at Justymiah Enterprises. A serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and author of several books including the blockbuster 'Essence: How To Find And Live Your Purpose, My Business Companion' amongst others. He is married to ‘his kind’ Omowunmi Olaotan and their union is blessed with beautiful kids.

Consumer Mentality: How To Overcome The Number One Habit That Will Never Make Most People Rich

Have you ever bought any products, services or programs you may never need for ever and still can’t explain why? That’s a habit that never made most people rich and in this blog post you’ll learn how to overcome consumer mentality. It’s okay to create or inherit wealth but either of these will never make Read more