3 Major Business Systems To Leverage For Quick Wealth Creation

,One of the shortest route to wealth creation aside from inheriting it is building businesses. It is not an easy route but quick routes. Over 90% percents of wealthy people became so through different business systems they’ve been able to build. Though running a business is not enough to get what you want – financial freedom, you must ensure it’s a system and can deliver your dream.

Not too many businesses have been able to make their owners wealthy. Most people don’t give their businesses what it takes to run without their inputs. A business that can’t survive without you will most likely not produce your desired result. This is the single reason most such businesses failed before they were started.

Purpose Of A Business.

All businesses are meant to do one or all of the following for their founders.

– Personal satisfaction

– Learning opportunity

– Freedom of time.

– Financial freedom

Our focus in this blog article is to help you understand how to leverage these business systems to create wealth. No business is inferior to producing wealth, you just have to get a glimpse of what it will take to position it as such.

We always encourage the people in our community to own businesses since their dream of wealth creation is similar to ours. While we don’t castigate 9-5ers we also do encourage them to find their leverage. There are wealth creation models for the employed to leverage but first we focus on those who are interested in taking that bold step to go against the tide.


The 3 Business Systems To Leverage For Quick Wealth Creation.


 1. Build A Business From Scratch.

Building a business can be highly demanding. It can be time-consuming, energy driven and even resources draining but it’s worth giving a shot. There is no way you want to mention any self-made millionaire that you won’t mention his business or most times businesses they have built. Most of them have built sustainable business systems that will make them money for a longer time.

Starting a business from the scratch it means you have to develop the needed capacities to set the ball rolling. There are many things that go behind the scene for a business to stand. From developing management capacity to building your leadership skill, financial management skill, operational skill, and a host of others.

Building a business from the scratch can really be fun especially if you’re good with creativity or are surrounded by the right team. When starting a business, everything is important. You must learn about every aspect of your company. At this point, it will be good you work with a mentor who has gone through the process. If possible, get a mentor in the same industry you’re building a business from. It helps a lot.

It’s always good to have mastered a single business before diversifying into other businesses. While this may be advisable, it also doesn’t negate trying out other businesses to know how you’d fair with them. Individual abilities have a great role to play in this regard. Sometimes, trying to run many businesses at the same time can be distracting, demanding and expensive but it really can be fun.

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 2. Buy Into Existing Business.

This is otherwise known as a franchise. You don’t have to start a business from the scratch. You don’t have to go through the hurdles but rather buy into an existing business. As a matter of fact, this can be a huge leverage if you find a company offering franchise.

Meanwhile, companies offering to franchise are also seizing it for their business expansion especially when seeking to expand into the international market. For an organization, growth is pertinent. Growth means more reach and more reach means more revenue. Giving a franchising license for others to come into the business may have its own challenges but make such an organization last longer than expected.

When an organization (known as franchisor) gives a franchise license to another business or individual (known as a franchisee), she gives the entirety of the know-how, procedures, strategies, intellectual properties, business models, brands, right to sell its branded products and services. A franchisee will simply pay a specified fee as well as sign a Franchise Agreement document.

There are peculiarities accompanying each franchise. Make sure you find out yours before you approach the company. It will be better to work with an attorney who will help you interpret all of the words stated in the agreements. Never be in a hurry to sign a document.

However, you must note that the franchisor would not have to bear the risk involved and cost of opening such business especially if the foreign market is the target. The advantage that comes with this franchising is that the franchisee has the opportunity to build a global presence quickly than when starting a business from the scratch.

The franchisee will only be compelled to sustain and maintain the franchisor’s products and services including the quality of the product or service, logo etc since it’s an already established brand the franchisee is leveraging, the work of branding would just have to be exported into the newly established business.


Wealth Code: Don’t just settle for businesses you can buy their franchise while you become the franchisee. No! The secret code to wealth you just crack here is to be the franchisor. Let others come to buy into your franchise.

It’s definitely sure you’d make money as the franchisee but you make more as the franchisor. This is the code. Wealth can be hidden in this. Now it’s opened up to you. Seize it!

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 3. Become A Part of Another Business.

This is the third level of business systems you can leverage to build quick wealth. This is otherwise known as ‘network Marketing’ business system.

With network marketing business systems, you could build a business by simply joining an already existing company, raise your own team of network marketers while you rank high in the organization.

In this business system, the more you are raising a team of other network marketers the more your chances of making it big quickly. This could be the highest of all the business systems you could leverage. This is a done-for-you business system. You don’t have to own a physical office to start, you don’t have to employ staffs, you don’t have to worry about branding.

You simply leverage on the ongoing weekly seminars. Get people to attend the seminar like you did. Make sure you have invited enough people before the next seminar day. If you have invited like a hundred people, a minimum of ten will show up. A network marketing business system is a game of number. You simply earn passive income from your team.

Furthermore, once you can understand the business model then you can shoot high. Most of the time, you’ll be required to pay a membership fee to be a part of the organization. This fee varies from one company to another. For some it may be a monthly membership while for others a one time. The company simply make money from your downline (your team).

If you can approach this business system as a business it is you can build wealth from it. Most people joining this business system don’t get to reach the top, they don’t get to become top sales people or highest recruiters because they are simply attracted to the money than building a team.


Wealth Code: If you’re going to start a business from the scratch or buy into an already existing business model, ensure you can introduce network marketing system into it. Most business have capacity to adopt this system.

Businesses thrive better on referral. One satisfied client can refer about five other people to patronize your business. Such people could be placed on commission for their efforts in helping your business grow. Once they have a referral code generated by the software it will be easy to pay them. Research more on this.

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Our goal at ‘Wealthy Nation’s community is to ensure you get rich quickly and get rich young if you’re still under 40. You don’t have to get rich slow or spend forty years to live your dream of wealthy lifestyle. With these three major business systems shared in this blog you can achieve your dream faster.

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