How To Take Calculated Risks That Could Make You Money Repeatedly.

How To Take Calculated Risk That Could Make You Money Repeatedly:

Risk is part of life. The more of it you’re willing to take the more you’re exposed to failing forward and eventually succeed.  Risk has differentiated the successful entrepreneurs, investors, businessmen and women from the unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, learning how to take calculated risks is much more important than risking everything at risk. It’s too risky to fail repeatedly and not hold on to something tangible.

There are dimensions to risk-taking that everyone willing to succeed as an investor or business people must learn and continue to learn as situations unfold. Life happens which do affects what we programmed in life already but there are precautions to take to do anything that will succeed.

Why You Adore Wealthy People

Do you know any wealthy person around you? How much do you envy their wealth? Would you also like to have what they have? Then be interested in the number of risks they are taking on a daily basis. What made them is not far from the risks they have taken.

Bill Gates has been known to have been the highest risk-takers of our time because he has learnt to take calculated risks that will make him win always and every time he’s venturing into a new project. Risks are common to everyone but taking calculated risks are common only amongst the wealthy.


Why Take a Calculated Risk To Make Money Repeatedly?


– Calculated Risk is the game for the minority.

Those who take risks are many but those who take calculated risks are few and those are the real MVP (most valuable persons) we celebrate. While the minority is willing to risk everything possible to make millions repeatedly, the majority are busy running away from making the millions.  Only. The minority takes calculated risk even if it means to fail or lose their resources. If you’re afraid of failing you’ve failed already.

-Risk is a mindset

No one is really satisfied with what they have. Everyone including the wealthy and the poor wants more out of life but fear will not allow most people to do things that are not regular. So many unsuccessful people are just comfortably okay in their comfort zone. When they are introduced to opportunities they don’t want to grab it because of their mentality. They are small in their minds, so they can’t do big things with their hands

Your mental capacity is directly proportional to your financial handlings. Taking risks goes with wealth creation. The more you’re willing to stretch your mind the more capacity you develop to go over risks.

-It’s part of life!

Everyone takes risk whether they are aware of it or not. It is part of life. It’s a risk not to even take a risk. It’s a risk to have been introduced to an investment that will give you up to 10% return in six months and not be willing to go for it. The money you should invest in it will soonest be spent on frivolities. It’s a much more a good choice to even take a loan to get the investment than to allow it pass just like that.

-It’s what separates the rich from the poor

One major thing to watch out for when you’re out to meet anyone is their story. Get to know what they have done with their resources in the past. Get to understand what they have done with their paychecks. With that, you can begin to see the source of their present status to know why they are rich or poor.

Ask most successful and wealthy people and they can tell you the different risks they have taken in their entire life. Risk has separated the poor from the rich.

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-Its end product brings happiness.

Everyone who has taken calculated risks and didn’t give up on their guts has remained happily ever after with more millions to account for it. Happiness is more genuine when you know what you’ve been through and still come out successful.

There is nothing like happiness that comes from your not going up on your dreams. It’s seldom to say that every successful person on earth will remain happy and grateful only for the life risks they overcame. If you are just starting in life, just expect that life will hit you hard but don’t give up on life.

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How to take calculated risks that will make you money repeatedly.

1. Fill your knowledge-gap

If you were like me who started buying stocks as a teenager for as low as USD 10 yet lacked the knowledge and understanding of how it works. Maybe the money wasn’t significant to me then but it is now. I couldn’t monitor the stocks I bought that when the global financial crash happened I lost almost everything I event invested

When you know that there are people behind every deal and are conscious that they are out there to make money or get people on board, then you’d do all things possible to go all out to find out what their company goals are. You can’t go wrong with asking the right questions from the right people about their company.

The reason there are professionals everywhere is simply that they are highly knowledgeable about their profession. Successful stockbrokers on wall streets are experts because understood the nitty-gritty of the entire market.

It’s fine to want to make some hundreds of dollars on an investment but finer to be sure you’d make it. You have to be personally convinced, professionally guided as well as financially ready for any investment risk you’re willing to take.


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2. Listen to your gut.

There’s a voice within you that must be listened to. You can’t just ignore your conscience when making your decision. You may ask for professional guidance but you can’t ignore the fact that you’re not convinced to accept the offer. An investment may look viable to the public but the team behind it are not. That may be what your conscience would want you to pay attention to, to discourage you from taking it.

Meanwhile, even if you ignored the offer because your gut didn’t allow you to take it it’s worth it – There will always be another offer for you. But be sure you don’t have to keep deceiving yourself. Don’t miss opportunities you can easily leverage on. Be sure the risk is worth it – if you need to risk your entire investment savings to buy stocks then you must be pretty convinced that it would be worth it in the long run.

3. Follow-up and follow through.

One major aspect you must pay close attention to in your taking calculated risk is following up on your investments and don’t just follow up, follow through. Get updates from the company per time. Never assume things will work without finding out how things are working. If don’t get updates from where you have invested your resources you also may not be aware of when to you’ll out your funds or when to stop pushing in more funds.

Your ability to know when to withdraw from an investment or when to stop pushing on more funds makes you wiser than anyone else. Most times investors lose their money to invest is as a result of ignorance of what is coming.

Those who saw the global economic meltdown coming too advantage of it by selling off their shares and when it finally arrived it didn’t hit them hard like it did so many investors if you ignore paying attention to your investment don’t expect magic to happen when a horrible tsunami happened.

4. Act with a goal in mind

It is commonly said that if you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t when you get there. Everyone has got different goals to achieve per time. So you can’t run with the goal of your friends in mind. If it’s not a group risk then waiting on others will only result in wasting resources.

One major thing that will keep you guided in taking a calculated risk will be your set goals. Goals are the targets you intend to hit before you pull out of the race. A goal gives you a laser focus on what you want to achieve with your resources. If your goal is to grow your business by 10% then all you would be targeting will be how to get it done that every of your energy will be towards it. No one needs to tell you it’s achieved already because you will definitely know.

Set the goal, go for it and once it’s achieved pull out, then set a new one. This simple principle will help you achieve so much then you have achieved in past years.


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