4 major ways to make more money

4 Major Ways To Make More Money

Would you like to make more money before the end of this year?

I’m sure you really want to because most people are after having more money to fulfil their goals, dreams and even satisfy their wants. Money is good. The lack of it can really be frustrating. If you have ever been broke you can testify of it as true.

Meanwhile, the lack or surplus of money is no longer anyone’s fault but of you. You can’t blame anyone for not making more money.  If you are making less money it’s your fault and if you’re making more it’s also what you settled for.

The Choice of Making More Money

This blog article will help you get past your mind and never to impress you but to really impress upon you that there is a better choice for you.  Choices are powerful weapons when it comes to settling your personal finance.

God has blessed the man He made with enough graces that man can make his choices even while still seeking His help. The choice you made yesterday is the result of the amount you have made and still making today.

Your present income level is more a function of your choices, decisions, actions and inactions than any external influence. It’s not even your disadvantages responsible for your financial status. It’s your choice. You settled for the level you are presently in.


What I’m saying is what you are earning either from business or jobs today is tied what you settled for. Even if someone advises you to get a job and you get it, settle for it and earn nothing more than the salary, it’s your choice.

Income Sources To Make More Money

Let’s see the different income sources you can generate money from. These sources are meant to show you how income flows into the pocket of some than others.


1. The One Time Income Source:

Here, you work and get paid once. It may be through sales, salary, contract, etc. To get paid again, you have to be willing to work again. So salary earners repeatedly get paid only for the work they do. The day you stopped rendering your time for money is the same day your source of generating money stops. Most people are at this level. Most people are broke before their next pay because they earn only once in many days. Most people are comfortable here. It is only the wise ones amongst them that have taken the step to convert their one-time source to always as we will see next.

2. The Once and Always Income Source:

Here, you work hard once but get paid every time your product/service is requested. Business, transportation, intellectual properties like books, albums, movies etc. are good examples of this. There are not many people on this level. When people don’t know what they are meant to pursue with their lives they end up pursuing nothing. The few people here are always earning from their one time investments.

3. The Free Flow Income Source:

At this level, you don’t have to do anything other than commit your money to do the work. Real Estates, Buying stocks, bonds, treasury bills, equities, shares etc are perfect examples. This category of people is fewer than the second category. This level may not be the starting point for most people but should be their destination. You should get to this level that you don’t have to monitor what your money, products or services are doing before you earn.  You earn while you go on vacation, take a trip around the world or at the beach under the sunshine.

To make more money with the above income sources, there’s a need to understand places you can focus your attention. Meanwhile, you’ll agree with me that to really make more money you have to be willing to exchange your time, resources for money.

The 4 Major Ways To Make More Money.


  1. People: There are over 7 billion people on earth that if you have something to exchange for it you make money. There’s no free lunch anywhere. What you got for free was paid for by another. Offer value and you can be sure money will follow. What you make per month is a function of two things: price and reach.

If the price of your product is lower then your reach must be higher so as to make more money.

If the price of your product is higher and you reach lower customers you’d still make money.

Therefore, the more people you sell to the more money you make.

Mindpost: In making more money think of reaching more people. Don’t limit yourself to the local level.


2. Problems: every problem you see is money in disguise. Meet the problem with a solution and you can have money follow you. Covid-19 is no one’s desire but there has been cash flowing around. People selling face masks and face shields are making money. IT guys have been busy making more money by developing software, Apps for organizations and even the government.

Mindpost: Never ever close your mind (not eyes) at the problems flying around because in it lies money to make.


3. Opportunities: opportunities don’t come once but always. Everyone always has opportunities to come to them but just a few see it and then leverage on it. Never ever say you can’t do a thing. When people ask if you could help with something, be smart enough to take it up and be the middleman between you and the original expert.  Let it be that you hired an expert to do the job and all you have contributed is the trust that the client has in you. I have sold real estate products for other companies before now by simply offering trust to potential buyers. I don’t have to own one or even be an expert to become a middle man.

Mindpost: There’s always an opportunity for you to make money but you have to see, seize and leverage on it.


4. Products and Services: over 70% of what most people earn is expended on either a product or service. Money has flowed out of you to those who have products and services to exchange for it.  You’ve paid for food, transport, rent, utilities, makeups, fashion, airtime, data etc at one point or the other without minding the current economic decline. All these are someone else’s products and services.

Mindpost: Don’t be deceived, if you don’t sell something, you’d be sold to and as such you don’t make money.

At this point, it is important to note down that selling is not the only way to make more money just like I mentioned earlier, you can also consider one or all of these high return investment platforms: Real Estates, Agritech, Information Technology,  Intellectual properties, Businesses, Affiliate marketing, and network marketing.

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